Hair & Beauty Tips During Lockdown

Our Guide to Looking Fabulous During Lockdown 2021 at Image London Hair Salons

Many women are reporting concern over the temporary closure of shops and salons during this challenging time, with their hair and beauty regimes falling behind. 

Whilst DIY hair and beauty tips will not provide the professional salon quality results that you have come to expect at our Bermondsey and Streatham hair salons, we have created a list of ways to keep you looking and feeling gorgeous until your next appointment…..


Shorter Manicures at Top South London Hair & Beauty Salons

Short and Stylish Manicures

With beauty salons closed it can be difficult to maintain a longer manicure, especially if you are used to having nail extensions. Luckily you don't have to sacrifice style with a shorter nails during the lockdown.

We aren’t all blessed with naturally slim and long fingers like a pianist but you CAN fake it with nude or pastel nail colours, which to make your nails look longer than they are.

A fun pastel manicure on shorter nails is perfect for Spring and will work with almost any outfit. 

Skin Care Routine Tips at Image London Hair Salons in Bermondsey and Streatham

Develop a Skin Care Routine

Lockdown is the ideal time to begin a skincare routine, especially if you are working from home. It doesn't need to be fancy although we have a few handy hints to ensure clearer, hydrated and protected skin.

Firstly, ensure that you wash your face twice with a gentle cleanser. Once to remove dirt and debris and again with Medik8 CleanseMe Face Duo to deeply cleanse and exfoliate. 

Choose an SPF moisturiser and spend time massaging into your skin to help de-puff your face and improve circulation.

Aveda Nutriplenish Image London Hair Salons in Bermondsey and Streatham

Repair Dry, Stressed Hair

If you are suffering from dry, stressed and frizzy hair during the lockdown, now is the time to show it the love that it deserves. 

If your hair is feeling brittle and dehydrated, infuse moisture into it with the deeply nourishing Aveda Nutriplenish range. The moisture-rich formula is packed with ingredients that soothe troubled strands, combat frizz and protect from environmental aggressors. 


Beauty Tips at Top Aveda Salons in Bermondsey & Streatham

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

We know that drinking more water a really simple tip, but that's because it simply works!

Not only is drinking water good for flushing out toxins, aiding weight loss and giving you more energy, it is essential for hydrating your hair and skin too. The recommended daily water intake for adults is 2 litres, so make sure that you keep your water bottle to hand throughout the day. 


Avoid Maskne at  Image London Hair Salons in Bermondsey and Streatham

Avoid Maskne With Our Simple Tips

One challenge that we didn't see coming over the last year was dealing with face mask acne, or "maskne". Clearly, it is vital that we all wear our masks when in public during the Covid-19 pandemic, so what can we do to resolve this frustrating issue?

You should always wear a clean mask each day to ensure good levels of hygiene, and utilise natural materials such as cotton or silk wherever possible. Use gentle cleansing products on your skin and ensure your mask fits correctly to minimise irritation and ditch the make up wherever possible - if you're wearing your mask you're only wasting products!


Beauty Tips at Top Aveda Salons in Bermondsey & Streatham

Look After Your Hands and Nails During Lockdown

With all the hand washing we have been doing during the pandemic, it's no wonder that our hands are feeling ragged.  The skin of our hands is fragile and can dry easily, cleaning products can speed up the dehydration and aging process.

To keep your hands in top shape, wear gloves when washing the dishes and use a nourishing hand cream such as Medik8 Hand & Nail Cream, which also has broad spectrum SPF 25 to protect the hands from premature skin ageing. This nourishing hand cream offers long lasting hydration to condition the skin whilst also strengthening the nails and cuticles.


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