Have you tried Dermaplaning?

Hesitant, about shaving your face?

Don't be! No, you will not grow a beard. Hormones do that. Conditions like PCOS are the culprits when it comes to unwanted hair growth. Downy, peach fuzz Vellus hair on a woman's face is the complete opposite to the coarse Terminal hair of a man's beard.

An aesthetician uses a scalpel to remove dead skin and peach fuzz from your whole face. It is a form of exfoliation which leaves your skin plump, bright and radiant.

Hair might feel different as it grows back only because the hair was cut straight across however, it grows back at the same speed, colour and texture as before.

So many benefits.

  • Dermaplaning is an excellent form of exfoliation that rids the face of excess fine hairs. These fine hairs often accumulate and trap oil, dead skin cells and debris inside the follicle causing acne to form.

  • Removing the top layer of dead skin cells promotes cell regeneration as it tricks the skin into thinking it is wounded therefore boosting its collagen production resulting in a noticeable decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.

  • No more peach fuzz and dead skin cells means radiant, plump and smooth skin perfectly primed and even-toned for flawless foundation application.

  • With the barrier of hair and dead skin cells removed your skincare products will also be more effective and will penetrate the skin faster and deeper.

Is it for me?

Professionally done it is for all skin types. Especially for those with sun damage, fine lines, dry patches and dull skin. It is very beneficial for mature skin, which tends to have a buildup on dead cells.

Dermaplaning is safe for pregnant or nursing women who cannot have chemical peels.

Of course, if you have sensitive skin (rosacea or keratosis pilaris), you may want to sit this one out. The same goes for anyone with inflamed acne as this process can irritate the skin and worsen existing breakouts.

How to prepare for Dermaplaning

  • No exfoliating: discontinue all AHAs, BHAs, enzymes, micro-beads, and retinoids for five to seven days before your appointment as an enzyme peal and light exfoliation is included in our treatment.

  • No retinol and sunbathing: Discontinue using Retin-A for seven to fourteen days prior to the treatment. You should also avoid sun exposure for five to seven days prior to ensure you do not have a sunburn

  • Let your hair grow: Avoid hair removal such as waxing and threading for at least two weeks before dermaplaning.

  • In the event of active acne and raised lesions on the day of treatment, best to reschedule until the skin is fully healed. There is also a six-month waiting period upon completion of Accutane.”


Since your skin's barrier will be more vulnerable after Dermaplaning we recommend using a rich hyaluronic acid mask or moisturising cream to help repair your skin and keep it super hydrated.

Discontinue use of any exfoliating agents for one week and use a gentle cleanser, but do take advantage of the better product absorption and use high quality serums and moisturizers.

Your skin will be especially susceptible to the sun so be diligent with SPF.

Avoid direct contact with the sun for the first 48-72 hours and use a gentle sunscreen of at least SPF 30. It is an absolute must to wear sunscreen every day of your life.

Wait at least a month between appointments, although some patients with sensitive skin can limit their treatments to once a season.

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