Get The Look: Top Hairstyle Trends For 2021

Top Hair Trends to Try in 2021 at Image London Hair Salons

Whilst we may not have the start to 2021 that we’d been expecting, we hope that there may be an end to the lockdown in sight. Many clients have told us that the Lockdown has provided them with the perfect opportunity to get inspired for a fresh new look, and asking for advice on trends for when we reopen our Bermondsey and Streatham hair salons!

The Image London stylists are highly trained and up-to-date with the very latest hair trends and would be happy to advise you on an exciting, and flattering, new look when we reopen. Below are some of our favourite ideas for inspiration for your post-lockdown hair appointment…

Subtle Ombre and Balayage Hair Colours at Top London Hair Salons

Balayage - Low Maintenance Hair Colour

Balayage is one of the most popular hair colour techniques and has seen a further surge over the past year with long lockdowns meaning that visits to the salon for root touch ups have been impossible. 

Clients have been requesting this hair colour technique following the initial lockdown, where they discovered that their peers who had balayage colour didn't have obvious root regrowth, even after months of salons being closed. 

Hair colour is subtly blended with the hair a little darker at the roots and lightening at the tips, making roots less obvious than with traditional foil highlights.

Textured Bob Hairstyles at Image London Hair Salons in Bermondsey and Streatham

Textured Bobs and Long Bobs (Lobs)

The trend for low maintenance hair means that bob and lob hairstyles will be popular in 2021. A sleek bob is a perennial favourite, although to keep it looking fresh does require quite a bit of maintenance. 

A low maintenance alternative to the sleek bob is to create texture to your hair by adding layers and waves. Adding texture to your look is a fabulous way to add volume to fine hair, and as it doesn't need to look structured, styling time can be much less. 

A textured long bob, or lob, cut to the collarbone is flattering for all face shapes. A long bob is sophisticated, versatile and pairs well with side swept or curtain bangs. 

Aveda Be Curly Conditioner Image London Hair Salons in Bermondsey and Streatham

Nourished & Natural Curls

If you’re blessed with naturally curly hair, it’s time to embrace a minimalist fuss-free look in 2021, making the most of your hair’s natural texture.

To nourish your curly hair, reduce frizz and create structure in your spirals, your Image London stylist can recommend professional products to infuse moisture and create salon perfect curls at home, such as Aveda Be Curly conditioner, which is available to buy from our online shop here


Vibrant Hair Colours at Top Aveda Salons in Bermondsey & Streatham

Vibrant Hair Colours

With salons closed for a few months in 2020, many people gave themselves vibrant colour makeovers at home and ended up LOVING the look. 

Fashion hair colours such as pastel pink are a fun colour and incredibly popular although they require a lot of maintenance. With colours like this we would recommend washing your hair less often, rinsing with cool water to keep the colour bright and visiting our South London salons for toning appointments.


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