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Our hair colour experts at Image London Hair & Beauty Salons in Bermondsey and Streatcham love creating beautiful balayage and ombré hair looks including vibrant red balayage, fashion ombré & sombré colours and the ever-popular blonde balayage.

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Not sure whether you want balayage, ombré, sombré or babylights?  Let our hair colour specialists in Bermondsey & Streatham help!  

During a complimentary consultation, your colour technician will discuss some of the looks you desire before assessing your hair and recommending the perfect balayage or ombré look for you.   Book in for a chat with one of our team members by calling our Bermondsey salon on 020 7231 8077 or our Streatham salon on 0208 677 5981.

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What Is Balayage?

There are now multiple different looks we can achieve using the balayage colouring technique so it's difficult to sum up 'what is balayage' in a sentence! 

But never ones to shy away from a challenge, we can tell you that balayage allows us to place hair colour exactly where you need it across your hair.  We add the colour - often blonde balayage - in vertical sections where it might get caught by the sunlight.  Hair colour is beautifully blended with the hair a little darker at the roots and lightening at the tips.

Balayage V Ombre Hair Colours

Balayage V Ombré

Not sure what the difference is between balayage and ombré?  You are not alone. Fortunately, our hair colour specialists have been highly trained in all the latest colouring techniques so can create any look you desire.

Put simply, balayage gives you a more blended look.  We will add two or three shades of your chosen hair colour which grows gradually lighter as we reach the tips of your hair.  With ombré, the look is more defined so rather than fading from darker to lighter, the hair has an almost two-tone effect.

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Different Looks For Blonde Balayage

Blonde hair remains the most asked-for hair colour in our hair & beauty salons in Streatham and Bermondsey... and blonde balayage stands out as the most popular when it comes to lightening your locks.

The reason for the popularity of blonde balayage is because we can effectively lighten just about every hair colour so if you have brunette hair, we can add gorgeous caramel and honey tones to give a blonder effect.  Those with auburn or strawberry red hair can choose to add pale blonde balayage highlights or veer towards red balayage. 

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The Benefits Of Balayage Hair Colour

There are so many benefits to having balayage hair colour and it's fair to say that our colour experts are renowned for creating some of the best balayage & ombré hair colours in Bermondsey & Streatham.

Perhaps the two biggest benefits are that balayage looks sensational and is a low maintenance hair colour.  Your root regrowth will be less noticeable than with an all-over tint - which means fewer visits to your hairdressers.  Having said that, we highly recommend you keep your balayage looking glossy and vibrant by having a regular glossing treatment instead.